Landitec Distribution GmbH
Landitec Distribution GmbH

59174 Kamen
Südfeld 9C
Tel. 023079147402

Geschäftstätigkeit: Distributor/Großhändler
Hauptproduktsegment: IT
Unsere Partner: Systemintegrator, OEM/Hersteller, Systemhaus, VAR, Fachhandel (mit Ladengeschäft), Fachhandel (ohne Ladengeschäft)
Unsere Produkte: Netzwerk-Komponenten, Server
Landitec is a specialized Distributor for Network Equipment. Since 1996 Landitec’s IT-professionals gained experience in selling peripheral devices. In March 2007 the Landitec Distribution GmbH was assigned by Lanner Electronics Inc.,Taipei/Taiwan as its official Distributor for Europe.

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